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Spreading the philosophy of Value Creation through great stories. 

What is Value Creation?

Who is Von Mozar

Mozar was born and raised in Brixton, south London. 

Growing up in an underprivileged society known for its gang culture and crime, Mozar spent his time reading books whereby he learnt the concept of value creation. 

After a few years of deliberation Mozar decided that writing would become his form of value creation.  

Mozar self-studied creative writing and enrolled on to a course with the Open University, of which he attained a Diploma in Literature and Creative Writing.

Mozar began his writing career in 2002 and released his first novel in 2004 titled, Ignorance Kills…; His passion for creative writing thrived and three subsequent novels followed; selling over 10,000 copies in numerous retail establishments such as WHSmith’s and Waterstones.  

Mozar wanted the concept of value creation to be heard and understood by his readers, therefore, he decided to independently target consumers on the streets of London.

Mozar sought to gain further knowledge and expand his creative writing skills, which lead to a temporary pause of the marketing and sales of his books. 

Mozar enrolled into Kingston University and graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Creative Writing with Film Studies and a 1st Class Special Study in Narrative Techniques in Popular Fiction.

Upon leaving university, Mozar was commissioned by Justin Stennett, the producer of Channel 4’s Dub Plate Drama, to co-create and write a stage dance musical called Crews. 

Mozar was approached by the likes of Ken Charles from Harmony Productions as well as Lavenna Peters from Lionsgate Films to adapt his cult hit novels Ignorance Kills... and Little Jamaica into screenplays. Mozar is currently working on the adaptations.
Mozar went on to create two TV series, Code Of Deliverance and On The Endz, however, upon his creation of interactive pocket novel magazines he decided to turn the TV series into these new mediums along with a full-length crime-thriller novel, Have Mercy. 

Mozar uses the interactive pocket novel magazines as his calling cards or the literature version of mix tapes to showcase his skills as a TV series writer and to spread his message of value creation. 

His interactive pocket novel magazines, Code Of Deliverance and On The Endz has already had interest from three TV production companies.   



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Present Publications

Interactive Pocket Novel Magazines 

A collection of short story drama series, which concretises the concept of value creation, presented in the form of a handy A6-sized pocket magazine, containing on average around 12,000 words. Local businesses are advertised between each of the chapters within the story and at the end of each interactive pocket novel magazine the reader has the power to decide – via online voting – exactly how the dramatic issues contained within the story should be resolved (or not). Based on market research the interactive pocket novel magazines are primarliy aimed at 18- to 24-year-olds as they have shown the greatest optimistic response to the concept of value creation. 

Code Of Deliverance: 

Vol. 1 Issue 1 (The Cure)

Dr. Ward has the technology to save it…

Secret societies want him dead - will they succeed?

In this issue Dr. Wallace Ward finally, after ten years, creates a code that programs an AI called Cassandra, which increases his thinking capacity to the speed of light. Ward’s sister, Detective Lieutenant Alice Ward-Harding, is on the brink of capturing a suspected serial rapist and mass murderer, Martin Donus.

Ward begs for her estranged husband, Special Agent Director Tom Harding’s new encrypted phone number so that he can safely help him utilize his ability to bring biological immortality into the world.

After helping Alice out on her case with the use of his ability, she reluctantly gives Harding’s new encrypted number to him.

Ward makes contact with Harding, but shortly after, his laboratory is broken into and part of Cassandra is taken.

Ward is injected with a deadly substance and left for dead.

He contacts Alice but with only hours left to live, can she reach him in time with an antidote?

You decide…

Have Mercy: 

Vol. 1 Issue 1 (West End Murder)


Can Val Mercy use his special skills to stamp out gun & knife crime?

This new interactive pocket novel magazine is a crime thriller drama series about Valentino “Val” Mercy, an entrepreneurial millionaire, who earns his money by creating various online value creations, from eBooks to software to women’s jewellery.

He lives an exquisite lifestyle until he is forced into becoming a vigilante detective after a wall of silence in the black community hinders the police investigation into his nephew’s murder.

At the end of each pocket novel magazine, the reader has the power to decide – via online voting – exactly how the dramatic issues contained within the story should be resolved (or not).

In this issue, Val Mercy invests £5000 into a nightclub rave.

He finds out that his nephew is stabbed to death outside his rave.

He is consumed with guilt but cannot bring himself to tell his sister that it was at his rave where her son lost his life.

He tries to make amends by using the money he made from the rave to pay for his nephew’s funeral.

However, when an old flame, the leading police officer investigating his nephew’s murder, tells him that the investigation will be cold cased, he decides to take the law into his own hands and undertake his own investigations.

Will Mercy be able to break the code of silence within the black community and find out the identity of his nephew’s killers?

Or will Mercy come up against deadly obstacles that he is unable to survive, and ultimately suffer the same fate as his nephew and lose his life?

You decide…

On The Endz:

 Vol. 1 Issue 2 (Secrets, Sex and Snapchat)


Is Jandrea willing to destroy Jerome’s business to keep it?

In the last Issue, Jerome Nix returned to London, from Atlanta, with his new wife, Jandrea Nix.

Instead of a joyous homecoming and the start of a happy new marriage and building a new business, Jerome and Jandrea are embroiled in a scandal involving a sex tape that is rumoured to show Jandrea having a threesome with Jerome’s childhood friends, Paul Bailey and Andy Austen, aka PB and Oz.

At their homecoming party, Jandrea makes a quick escape when she encounters PB and Oz, causing Jerome to suspect that the rumor might be true.

The couple get into a big fight where Jandrea goads Jerome into hitting her.

Sickened that the woman he loves could think him capable of such a thing, he storms out of the flat to calm down.

Jerome meets up with his best friend, Peter Blakes, and they decide that he should confront Paul and get him to show Jerome the sex tape to see if Jandrea really is on the recording.

When they confront Paul at his flat, he lies and tells them that the sex tape has been deleted. Seeing through Paul’s lies, Jerome and Peter hatch a plan to hack into Paul’s laptop to try and retrieve the recording.

However, Steven Cox, a friend to both Jerome and Paul, sees the sex tape. 

He calls Jerome to tell him that he has seen it, but Jerome hesitates to answer the call, in fear that what Steven has to say may blow his world apart.

This is where the episode ends - Will Steven tell Jerome that Jandrea is on the sex tape or not?

The vote was cast, and the result was: No. Jandrea wasn’t on the sex tape, but she is hiding a darker secret.

Find out in this new issue if Jandrea will reveal her darker secret - will Jerome ever find out - will he be able to start and successfully build his potential billion-pound business?

You decide…

Past Publications

On The Endz: 

(Back Issue) Vol 1. Issue 1 (Back On The Endz)

The drama of illicit sex and lies are holding back: Nix, Blakes, Cox, PB & OZ from becoming great value creators – what’s holding you back?

This 1st issue interactive pocket novel magazine is an urban fiction drama series about a group of friends learning and striving to become great value creators of business empires while dealing with interconnected personal issues involving love, illicit sex and lies.

In this issue, Jerome Nix returns to London from Atlanta with his new wife, Jandrea Nix.

Instead of a joyous homecoming and the start of a happy new marriage, Jerome and Jandrea are embroiled in a scandal involving a sex tape that is rumoured to show Jandrea having a threesome with Jerome’s childhood friends, Paul Bailey and Andy Austen, aka PB and OZ.

Find out in issue 2 if Jandrea is on the sex tape?

Ignorance Kills...

Unbearable depravity. Unspeakable destitution. Can Brenda prevail and survive it all?

Brenda is forced to pursue a vicious life of crime by her older black thug cousin, Shun, who gets her pregnant at the age of twelve. When Shun is shot, Brenda sees an opportunity to free herself from his sadistic clutches, but he tracks her down, promises he will end his life of crime and help care for their baby. Brenda believes Shun and turns away from the safety of her Social Worker. But as soon as Brenda gives birth, Shun leaves her to fend for herself in a cold, corrupt, callous environment.

Abused, hated and estranged from her mother and fatherless since the age of six, Brenda is unable to cope with the demands of the child. She dumps the baby in the trash, praying it will be found and hopes that, one day, after she earns enough money, she'll be able to find the baby and care for it herself.

Will Brenda achieve her seemingly hopeless aim to be reunited with her baby? Will her ignorance plunge her into the abyss of street life and lead her to drugs, prostitution, and death?

Get Ignorance Kills... now. It will make you laugh, cry and leave you begging for more.


Eschewal believes he deserves love and happiness.  But does he?

Despite enduring poverty, incestuous abuse and juvenile incarceration, Eschewal still harbors an idealistic desire that one day he will find love and happiness amongst the ruins of his life.

His chance arrives out of the blue, one day in a park when he sees Manna. The attraction is instantaneous. Her glowing beauty at once captivates him, but, fearing rejection, he allows his opportunity to slip by.

However, determined to make Manna his wife, Eschewal embarks on an unrelenting pursuit, taking a vow of celibacy until he finds her. But with his womanizing friend Deuce in tow, tempting him with lines of promiscuous girls, will Eschewal be able to keep his animalistic urges under control?

Can he find Manna before he gives into temptation?

Is it possible to find love and happiness in a sea of immorality or will Eschewal obtain his idealistic desire through another source?

As one reader has said, “This book will intrigue and stimulate all 6 senses.” Get your copy now to experience this promise.

Little Jamaica

Deadly prejudice. Despicable gang warfare. Both rule Gunn’s life – He wants out!

From an early age, Gunn was exposed to the insidious evils of Yardie gangsters, crack cocaine and black-on-black gun crime. Unable to escape his destiny, he works his way through the criminal ranks and becomes the leader of the most feared Islamic-inspired criminal gang in Brixton, London. Now he wants out. He desires to leave that world behind, give his life to Islam and immigrate to Egypt.

But with the ambitious Yardie gangster, Tommy Terrible, hungry to make his own mark on the Brixton underworld, Gunn’s crew find themselves on a head-on collision course that explodes in dramatic mayhem.

As volatile clashes between the two groups of young black thugs escalate, one of Tommy Terrible’s gang members is killed, and Gunn is selected as the target of their retaliation.

Can Gunn survive the contract on his life? Will he ever be free of his life of crime? Will he realise his dream of immigrating to Egypt?

You are just one purchase away from the high-octane, gut-wrenching world of Little Jamaica.

Mr. Bling

Leebert craves the "bling bling" lifestyle.  And he’ll do anything to get it.

Leebert dreams of fast cars, nice clothes and sex with beautiful girls. He’d sell his own mother to get any one of them. But his mother is gone, he works minimum wage and lives in a single bedroom in his grandmother’s house.

Although living the "bling bling" lifestyle looks slim, Leebert is undeterred and seeks a way to get it against all odds. He quickly rules out crime as an option but embarks on a far riskier strategy. He takes out a big loan that gets him the fast car and nice clothes – but not the sex with beautiful girls.

Once the loan is spent, Leebert scams money from his grandmother, Miss Nancy, and gets credit cards and store cards in hope of attaining his ultimate unfulfilled desire.

Using the money he scammed, Leebert cons his way into the club promotion business, but it backfires. Suddenly he finds himself owing thousands to gangsters.

As he runs out of time and options, will Leebert find the money he owes to stop the gangsters from breaking every bone in his body? Will he ever achieve the "bling bling" lifestyle? Will he ever have sex with a beautiful girl?

Get your copy of the eBook today – and escape into the insane world of Mr. Bling.

The moment I open the book it was action packed, it was gripping, it was a book I didn’t want to put down.

Heidi Edwards


This man’s books are amazing…. can’t wait for the next one… truly talented…
Keep doin it….

Shermain Philip 


Gritty, true to life. It’s ahead of it’s time!

Darren Lyefook


The characters were brought to life, like I was watching a movie. The depth into each character is remarkable. Fantastic and unpredictable ending...

Pam Hammond


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